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Wolfgang Kilian - Märtyrer von Nagasaki

Twenty-six Franciscan and Jesuit missionaries and Japanese converts crucified together by order of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Following their arrests, they were taken to the public square of Meako to the city’s principal temple. They each had a piece of their left ear cut off, and then paraded from city to city for weeks with a man shouting their crimes and encouraging their abuse. The priests and brothers were accused of preaching the outlawed faith of Christianity, the lay people of supporting and aiding them. They were each repeatedly offered freedom if they would renounce Christianity. They each declined.

The Martyrs are:

Antony Deynan
Bonaventure of Miyako
Cosmas Takeya
Francis Blanco
Francis of Nagasaki
Francis of Saint Michael
Gabriel de Duisco
Gaius Francis
Gundisalvus Garcia
James Kisai
Joachim Saccachibara
John Soan de Goto
Leo Karasumaru
Louis Ibaraki
Martin of the Ascension
Matthias of Miyako
Michael Kozaki
Paul Ibaraki
Paul Miki
Paul Suzuki
Peter Baptist
Peter Sukejiroo
Philip of Jesus
Thomas Kozaki
Thomas Xico

Crucified on 5 February 1597 at Tateyama (Hill of Wheat), Nagasaki, Japan the Japanese style of crucifixion was to put iron clamps around the wrists, ankles and throat, a straddle piece was placed between the legs for weight support, and the person was pierced with a lance up through the left and right ribs toward the opposite shoulder.

Beatified 14 September 1627 by Pope Urban VIII

Canonized 8 June 1862 by Pope Pius IX


John Melhuish Strudwick - When Apples were golden and songs were sweet but summer had passed away (1906)


Shooting of Father Francisco Vera. He was guilty of saying a public Mass.

Apple Blossoms, C.1919 (John Chislett)




Chefchauen, Morocco - The Blue City 


Tidying Up Art by Ursus Wehrli

Wehrli takes everyday scenes of disorder and rearranges them into neat rows, sorted by different attributes such as color, size, shape, and type, etc.


Blue Hair Girl /

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Digory: Jadis mocks him as a “Foolish boy” when he refuses to disobey Aslan by stealing the apple of immortality. This would have been accurate earlier in the story, when he strikes the bell to awaken the Witch. Of course, he grows up to be Professor Kirke.

Polly: Three times tells Digory “I’m game if you are”, and always goes bravely into the unknown. She was the first to travel outside our world when she touched one of Uncle Andrew’s rings, and is responsible for collecting the rings for burial at the end of the adventure.

Eustace: Loyally calls himself “The King’s man” when confronted with a possible plot. Is known for having broken King Caspian’s second best sword in battle with the Sea-Serpent.

Jill: Tirian calls her “Wonderous wood-maid” after seeing her skills at stealth and traveling in the dark.

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"Though she be but little, she is fierce."

I love candles and the color blue and, most of all, my Catholic faith. Discerning religious life with much more impatience than is fitting.

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